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Not long ago the iPhone 8 slide into the hands of consumers, but it turns out that some users are reporting problems with their iPhone's battery. It is known from some reports of iPhone 8 owner in various countries.

The report reserved presence of peculiarity in iPhone 8 first appeared in Taiwan. What the battery in the iPhone 8 belongs to a Taiwan woman was found distended, shortly after he finished filling the battery.

Almost at the same time, a consumer in Japan uploading images iPhone 8 Plus hers are also similar, the battery was bulging fared, so the phone was torn.

Responding to this, Apple claims to have heard of the incident and take immediate action.

Based on the report observed exceptional cases, iPhone 8 battery is still accounting for a handful, no more than ten cases.

However, Apple should not be off guard. The reason is the failure of the battery on the Galaxy Note 7 years ago has been so disastrous for Samsung and so essential lessons for other smartphones manufacturers.

"The Battery swells to rarely happen in a new battery, and it shows there are not amiss in its battery," said Sam Jaffe, battery industry analyst, was quoted as saying of The Verge.

Jaffe argued although the handful of incidents is quite worried, it is still too early to conclude what happened in the iPhone 8 battery found that swell.

The Verge is reporting the same thing also happens in other countries, such as China, Canada, and Greece, as transcribed MacRumors.

The battery of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, swelling in 7 Countries.

The new mobile phone even launched by the giant technology cannot escape from technical errors, but what would happen if the failure makes the shocking impact such explosion?

As of recently much rumored, the iPhone 8 battery bubbles in some countries. There is the smartphone launched in September with a series of powerful features.

Based on latest reports, roughly seven handsets iPhone 8 and 8 Plus not covered with tidy due to a swollen battery. Initially, the battery report swelling appeared in Taiwan and Japan, Formosa, Argentina region then followed.

The present report also emerged from Canada, China, Greece and Hong Kong. As a result of a total of iPhone 8, the problems so far reached seven units in different countries. Battery problem that swelled this resulted in phone screen apart from another mobile body so that iPhone is not closed completely.

This is indeed a problem that is quite small but will be more widespread if Apple does not immediately resolve it. Industry sources claim that Samsung SDI and LG Chem is a manufacturer that produces batteries for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. While other sources mention that the battery manufactured by Simplo Technologies in Taiwan.

When a problem like this occurs, it is likely that the problem will spread to other users such as cases that ever happened on the Galaxy 7 Note that explode and make Samsung do recall globally. Not only that, but Samsung also control the handset that remotely to prevent another harmful impact caused by the cell phone battery.

The body of iPhone 8 battery in this issue appears to pose no danger to the user. However, this is not the bode well for Apple's new iPhone range has prided it.

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