Nintendo Switch Parental Control

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Playing game is an addictive activity that is not easy to stop, especially for kids. If you don’t want to let your kids drown in their playing time, you will need to restrict and monitor their playtime. Especially if you plan to give your children the new Nintendo Switch, you will need what we have here in this article to help you control your kids when they are in their playtime. In connection with your kids’ protections and restrictions, Nintendo is preparing a parental control app for Nintendo Switch to help parents make a safe guideline for their children during their playtime with Nintendo Switch. This post will mostly inform you everything we know so far about Nintendo Switch Parental Control.

Nintendo Switch parental control features

Just like its name, Nintendo Switch Parental Control is a dedicated mobile app which will be available on several major mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS devices. By using this smart app, you will be able to set several restrictions on your children includes their playtime duration on the Switch. This parental control app will allow you to set a ‘bedtime alarm’ and gentle reminders that warn your kids when their playtime is up. If your kids are breaking their playtime, you can even force their Switch to go into ‘suspend mode' soon after a set amount of time. This feature will allow you to control them without a need to always keep an eye on them. This smart parental control of Nintendo Switch is also capable of helping you set different playtime duration within a week, which allow you to set a longer period on the weekend or holidays. If you need to, Nintendo Switch parental control can give you a monthly summary of all games your kids are playing within a month includes it can give you more detail information about which game is mostly played by your children.

Additional features of Nintendo Switch parental control

Restricting children on their playtime with the new Nintendo Switch may be your priority. If you need more, you can even set other restriction as the new feature of this parental control: feature to restrict social media connectivity so that you can decide whether they can share screenshots of their favorite game to any social media, or not. This restriction is not the last feature of Nintendo Switch parental control. We still have the other cool features such as the app’s ability to restrict which game you think is safe for your kids. As we know that now all games are appropriate for all ages, that is why you will need this restriction to keep your children from playing any game which is not suitable for their ages. If you don’t want to let your kids access Nintendo eShop, this parental control also can assist you to set restriction for accessing this eShop so that it is easier for you to manage the purchases or content downloads from the shop via your Nintendo Account. And the best part of this parental control is, you can do all these restrictions from your smart device.

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