iPad Pro 2017 Wish List

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iPad Pro 2017 Wish List

Apple is currently working on the new generations of iPad Pro. Some expert, analyst, and researcher are competing to make their predictions and speculations based on their analyses. It makes sense that the launch of new products of Apple always gives great effect to the world of technology. People as though waiting for something new and spectacular from every launch of Apple. The enthusiasm is also spreading out when the company is planning to launch iPad Pro 2 this year. Besides, people are collecting all news and rumors related to the iPad Pro 2; they also put some expectations about what will the new iPad Pro 2 will bring. After we have had some news and report about the launch of new iPad Pro 2017, we have made an iPad Pro 2017 wish list. As the title of this writing: iPad Pro 2017 wish list, this post contains a list of expectations and optimism about the new iPad Pro 2017. This wish list is showing how we are optimistic about the future of the product line. Well, let’s start with the detail of our iPad Pro 2017 wish list.

Expand the family

Different head, different thought. iPad size is personal where different people may have different preferences in opting iPad size for various reasons. Some people prefer to use a small version of iPad Pro, but there are some who prefer to use the large version. We cannot judge their decision for opting what is best for them. For answering all these preferences, it will be better if the company provides model choices. That is why we wish the upcoming iPad Pro 2017 will offer some versions which also mentioned in some rumors that there might be a 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the works currently. It is a good news for accommodating people needs of the best tablet. Of course, we do hope that all versions of the new iPad Pro 2 will not only provide a big screen to handle multitasking apps properly but also offers excellent performance, too.

Sync up the iPad Pro models

The current iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch model apparently they are on the “top of the line” where the users can work in comfort on each of them because each of them possesses features the other lacks. Of course, it doesn’t stop us from wishing to be updated to make it better with some necessary changes. Related to this matter, we hope that the company will refresh both models this spring to bring them into alignment.

Particularly for the 12.9-inch model, we wish the company will add a True Tone display to give the ability to that big iPad to match the color temperature of its surroundings and support for the wider color gamut. We also wish that this wide screen iPad will have a camera more in line with the 9.7-inch model that is a 12-megapixel camera with support for 4K video. It would be nice, too if the cellular versions of the larger model could also take advantage of an embedded Apple SIM, rather than the included physical SIM present on the existing 12.9-inch model. While for the latest 9.7-inch model, we do hope that the company will support for USB 3 data transfer and fast recharging, neither or which is available in the current generation.

iOS 10.5

This expected that this spring Apple would make an update for iOS along with the launch of new iPads, that adds a raft of iPad-centric features to iOS. We expect this for the iPad Pro 2017 because as far as we know that iOS 10 doesn’t have much for iPad Pro. If it is true, the company is planning to launch the new iPad Pro 2 this spring; it quite makes sense that they decouple iPad-centric features from the fall iPhone-focused release of iOS and let them have their day in the sun later on. We found that there are plenty areas in iOS that need attention from the company. One of this area is the multitasking app picker which seemed like a stopgap solution when it arrived, and it has not aged well. It is expected that it will have a new interface that is denser and lets you find apps more quickly. Eagerly waiting for the iPad to let us drag-and-drop between apps, better ways of shifting keyboard focus between onscreen apps, and the ability to create a shortcut that launch pairs of apps together in Split View. It would be so lovely to see this on iPad Pro 2017.

Better accessory support

Accessorily is pretty much important to get more attention, especially better accessory which support with iPad. So far, iPad is identical with iconic accessories: The Pencil and the Smart Connector. Honestly, those accessories are pretty good, but maybe it is time for a new, improved Pencil-one with a modifier button that lets you use it to erase or do something else. While the quick connector is also working so good so far, but as everything is moving forward, it is not possible for hope that the upcoming iPad Pro 2017 will have a better version than this one. We are also very excited to have an idea if the new iPad Pro 2017 will have a proper USB-C port, perhaps in addition to its lightning port. The idea of adding support for USB-C peripherals would send a message that the iPad Pro is ready to play in the same circle as PCs. Would be so proud to holding this.

One more thing our expectation for iPad Pro 2017: a new version of the Smart Keyboard that allows us to add media keys and an Escape key. It would make it pretty much friendly for users. If the company is then also planning to offer a proper, hinged keyboard designed specifically for the iPad Pro 2017, it would be very nice, too. Well, there are plenty possibilities to make the new iPad Pro 2017 much better than the current version. Anything related to this thought, if you want to have anything different with our ideas about iPad Pro 2017 wish list, we would be so glad to hear some from you.

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