Xiaomi Boots Can Produce An Electric Shock

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The Chargers manufacturer type CH-P002, Xiaomi do not meet the requirements of low voltage, so at the time of loading the smartphone can produce an electric shock. In this sense, the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) has been reported in a statement that the security flaw affects only boots, "not to their mobile devices". In particular, these chargers do not comply with the requirements of the low voltage Directive and standards EN 60950 and IEC 60884. According to reports the OCU, the reason of that produces a download electric is that the insulation between the circuit primary and secondary not is right.

The reason is that the insulation between primary and secondary circuit is not adequate.

Therefore recommends that users charge the phone with another charger, "type micro USB standard and available in Europe". It also advises users "return the charger through the manufacturer's or seller 's". Xiaomi manufacturer has not officially entered the European market, but their products were being imported from China by some department stores, such as Amazon, that knowing this fault of the manufacturer has stopped selling it. However, the OCU has travel that has not detected any problem with other brand products.

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